Anonymous asked: So you must live in Cali in order to be a brandy model?


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Anonymous asked: idk i thought you could be a model cause you're super pretty and you already work for brandy so i mean why not?

awh thank you xx

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Anonymous asked: do you have any idea when they are going to announce the winners of the model contest

no sorry you will know if they contact you

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Anonymous asked: Is it possible that a model can be 5'3

yes for brandy it’s okay! usually models in the fashion industry though are at least 5’7

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Anonymous asked: are you a brandy model?

no why would you think that

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Anonymous asked: Is it a possibility that you would get scouted to model for brandy? Like not through being popular on social media, I'm saying like if you're out and about or if you're shopping in a Brandy store?

yea deffiantly possible!

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jessicacamacho4 asked: do they not use model@brandymelvilleusa. email any longer?

they still use it but so many people send in applications there’s a mass number of people to look at, the chances are really slim for someone trying to become a model with brandy through the email

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Anonymous asked: So when are we hearing back from brandy if we went Sunday? Do you think they will call or something bc we gave them our numbers.. If you're running this account you must have direct contact to them so can you please ask? Or if not just give an estimate? Obvi they're not going to call everyone that went but for those they are interested in?

they will contact the girls they want to model for them

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Anonymous asked: Hey so I want to start being apron dress by fashion accounts! How do I get brandy to notice my photography??? Like Sam & tuna I want to be like them!!

take good pics and tag them

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Anonymous asked: Do I need to slim down before trying to become a brandy model? I have a body similar to Gigi Hadid's but I've noticed that a majority of the girls on the brandy website are much thinner

i think your body sounds pefect don’t change a thing just because you want to model for brandy xx

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